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Euler Hermes, the world’s leading provider of trade-related credit insurance, gives companies the confidence to trade and be paid. Their customers come to them for predictive insights to stop bad debts before they happen, and for credit insurance to cover unexpected losses. Euler Hermes, in turn, has relied on Beresford Research to conduct C-level research since 2014.

Their annual surveys vary but always look to explore the top concerns of the C-suite. Study insights help position Euler Hermes as a top-of-mind resource in an evolving risk environment. Collaborative survey design combined with the indisputable results from senior executive surveys and Beresford Research analysis has provided Euler Hermes with unique perspectives that their CFO clients and other potential C-suite customers desire.

For their most recent published study, we questioned 250 CFOs and their direct reports in companies with at least $5 million of annual revenues to understand their top-of-mind concerns related to global, political, economic and digital uncertainties as they were heading into 2019.

Are financial leaders and their companies prepared for escalating risks? Euler Hermes used research insights to create a free downloadable offer they could promote. “Risky Business” highlights the top concerns of CFOs and shares how industry leaders perceive the current risk landscape, potential non-payment events, and costs associated with a conservative risk posture.

James Daley, the CEO of Euler Hermes NA, shares that 75 percent of the CFOs “are at least moderately concerned about the risks they may face in the next 12 months and 58 percent say they don’t feel fully prepared to handle the current risk landscape.” He succinctly positions risk and solutions, later adding, “With the right preparations, CFOs can weather any potential storm.”

CFOs Concerned About Escalating Risks in 2019 showcases Euler Hermes’ leadership and creates opportunities. So does the extra spin-off content in trade magazines, including Insurance Business Magazine and Financial Executives International.

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Euler Hermes