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Marketing Research Success Stories

Read our market research success stories to find out how we’ve created real growth opportunities for our clients.

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A Travel Club

A leading Travel Club increased membership levels and adjusted pricing based on customer segmentation, perceptions and awareness, and conjoint analysis. A Travel Club that is the world’s largest seller of curated group travel wanted to: Learn who their customers [...]

Booz & Co.

Booz & Company’s top source of press citations for eight years in a row was The CEO Succession Study that Beresford Research designed and implemented. Booz & Co. (renamed in 2014 as Strategy &), the global strategy and technology consulting firm, [...]

Colorado Tourism Office

They thought they came to ski, but they were wrong! Colorado Tourism Office discovered the real reason international visitors came to the state, dramatically changed their global advertising and welcomed more global visitors year after year. The Colorado Tourism Office [...]

ESI ThoughtLab – Cognizant

Great thought leadership changes thinking. For over twenty years the founder of ESI ThoughtLab has been partnering with Beresford Research to design the methodology and field the global surveys that are the basis of their clients’ celebrated thought leadership. [...]

ESI ThoughtLab – KPMG

Customer-centricity: key to survival. ESI ThoughtLab partnered with Beresford Research to uncover findings for KPMG and the Consumer Goods Foundation’s high impact thought leadership on the future of consumer packaged goods manufacturing and distribution. ESI ThoughtLab (previously known as Roubini ThoughtLab) [...]


In the midst of unprecedented change in the healthcare industry, EY’s Health Advisory Survey discovered great opportunity for value-driven care based on Beresford Research’s survey of over 700 top healthcare executives.When EY wanted to create thought leadership and content around [...]

Global Management Consulting Firm

Brand study problem solved! One of the world’s most respected management consulting firms needed to measure how C-level executives working for multi-billion-dollar companies made decisions on $1mil+ consulting projects. Beresford Research succeeded where others had failed and delivered the unassailable survey [...]


Sometimes it’s not the conference, but who’s there that makes all the difference. IBM wanted to know what North American and European C-level executives were thinking when their “red carpet” invitations arrived and what changes they might want to [...]


Understanding the NYC pedestrian experience was the first step in the NYCDOT's multi-million dollar Wayfinding Master Plan. Our neighborhood-based multi-lingual interviews and surveys provided a clear picture of how pedestrians navigated the city. The New York City Department of Transportation [...]

Oxford Economics

Often, our executive studies are at the crux of significant business changes. Few companies make these studies available, but companies like Oxford Economics know to turn to Beresford Research when they need high-level, world-wide input. Oxford Economics is one [...]

Peppercomm + Saint-Gobain

A new branding campaign was quickly celebrated when attitude and awareness surveys of customers, potential customers and employees, and on-street interviews gave Peppercomm’s client clear pre-and post-perceptions feedback. Peppercomm, the strategic communications and public relations agency, partnered with Beresford Research [...]

ReD Associates

ReD Associates brings a different perspective to the business world. They use social science research to identify gaps between what people need and what companies offer. When they wanted to validate their recent analysis with the perspectives of C-suite [...]


Groundbreaking thought leadership for ShareThis quantified the financial value of online recommendations. Quantifying the Value of Sharing delivered $2 million in revenue opportunities for our client in the first 90 days. Beresford Research conceived and implemented the first study to [...]

The Center for Financial Services Innovation

With the goal of improving the financial health of all Americans, especially the underserved, The Center for Financial Services Innovation needed to learn how senior financial executives valued improving their consumers' financial health. A survey of 650 C-level executives [...]

The National Emphysema/COPD Association

Although COPD is the third leading cause of death in the US, and back in 2007 patients and physicians were uninformed about the disease. 46% of primary care physicians were unaware of any COPD guidelines before the release of the [...]

The Week

The Week attracted its largest sponsor in the magazine's history, and Dell won a Bronze ad award for Innovation in Media with Emerging Leaders: Tomorrow’s CEOs, based on our primary and secondary research. The Week magazine was looking to create a [...]

Tourism Economics and ARDA

Tourism Economics partners with Beresford Research to provide clients with "unparalleled experience in travel and leisure research and analysis at a global level." For ARDA, one study encompassed more than 50 timeshare resorts, 15 countries, and eight languages for its [...]

Westport Transit District

Public transportation needs have changed dramatically. Westport Transit District discovered multiple opportunities and the level of financial support residents felt the town should provide. Municipal entities usually have multiple constituencies, oftentimes with very different needs. Westport Transit provides a network [...]

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