Learn how to convert a US number to the format of other countries

Decimals and thousands separators, points and commas, are used quite differently around the world. If you want to know which countries use a comma as a decimal point, or how to convert a US number to the format used in another country, use the color-coded map below to see how numbers are presented around the world. Both large numbers and very small numbers (under 1) are expressed differently from country to country. Differences exist, even when the same language is spoken.

Canada is particularly tricky:

  • Quebec uses the system in France:
    • No commas for large numbers
    • Commas for small numbers
  • The rest of Canada uses the method popular in Australia:
    • No commas for large numbers
    • Decimals for small numbers

Data visualizations can help in understanding these numerical variations across different regions and generations.

How To Write a Million with Decimals in Different Countries

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