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Brand management teams need targeted brand research to understand where their products or services fit into the competitive market space. How do the most valuable customers view your brand versus others? Where do they go to learn about recent industry trends and the product and service alternatives to address these trends? Beresford Research works with clients in all industry sectors to develop actionable brand research that identifies customer segments, customer perceptions, competitive positioning, and key growth opportunities. Whether global C-level executive teams in large multi-national companies, high net worth individuals in Europe or households in and around Perth Australia are your customers, Beresford Research crafts the most effective methodologies, develops the right questions, sources the right respondents, and creates the right deliverables so that your team can create the most effective campaigns to capitalize on any growth opportunities.

In short, Beresford Research provides our clients with brand research that improves the way they do business. Case studies and client stories below illustrate how brand research crafted for each client’s precise needs created real growth opportunities.

Target marketing

Identifying new distinct customer segments in a rapidly growing customer base enabled WorldVentures to refocus worldwide marketing efforts and attract new members.

Measuring branding success

Attitude and awareness surveys of customers, potential customers and employees were complemented by on-street interviews to give Peppercomm’s client pre-and post-perceptions for a new branding campaign.

Defining need

Evolving public transportation requirements led the Westport Transit District to learn how commuter bus riders and other residents felt about and valued the services provided.

Changing focus

Colorado Tourism Office learned why international visitors came to the state and as a result, changed course in how they promoted the state to international visitors.

Setting a new course

The NYCDOT wanted tourists and citizens to walk around the city more but first needed to understand the pedestrian experience. Multiple NYC neighborhoods and multi-lingual interviews and surveys set the stage for a multi-million dollar wayfinding program.

Client solutions

Towers Watson looks to Beresford Research for assistance with internal client projects as well as external studies.

Worldwide input

Tourism Economics partners with Beresford Research to provide clients with “unparalleled experience in travel and leisure research and analysis at a global level.” For ARDA, research encompassed more than 50 timeshare resorts, 15 countries, and eight languages.

Growing revenues

A Travel Club increased membership levels and adjusted pricing based on customer segmentation, perceptions and awareness, and conjoint analysis.


WorldVentures is one of the world’s largest vacation and entertainment direct sellers. Looking to continue its international growth and to minimize member turnover, WorldVentures used Beresford Research to conduct a three-pronged research initiative. A membership survey and segmentation analysis in six countries—USA, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Singapore and South Africa—laid a foundation that was followed by a US travelers’ attitude and perception analysis of travel clubs.



A market review of competitive travel clubs, benefits, features, pricing, and recommendations comprised the third phase.

Thousands of surveys in four languages provided a detailed understanding of the WorldVentures membership base, and segmentation analysis identified four new distinct customer segments. The study also revealed rich information detailing the best ways to differentiate future offerings to maximize appeal to each of the new customer segments.

We engaged Beresford Research to help us understand our customer segments, identifying the optimal product-price architecture, and improve our target marketing efforts. They delivered on every aspect of the project and we are extremely pleased with the new insights and actionable results.

Yadi Schnyder | Director of Research and Analytics, WorldVentures

WorldVentures Membership Survey and Segmentation Analysis

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
market research, travel, online surveys, multi-lingual surveys, perception study, cluster analysis, segmentation analysis, B2C, product development, product service offerings



PepperComm, the strategic communications and public relations agency, was looking to provide brand awareness benchmarks for their global client. The client wanted measurable results to emphasize success and set the stage for subsequent marketing efforts.

Beresford Research provided a multi-pronged research study that documented the change in perceptions for the North American headquarters based on their new message, marketing approaches, and investment in the industry’s annual trade conference. Additionally, we gauged local residents’ perceptions of the company as a steward of the community as well as a local employer of choice.



Before and after the brand roll-out and conference, we conducted online surveys with conference attendees and employees and in-person interviews with local residents. The findings were tremendously helpful as analysis showed strong improvements in awareness, positive impressions, and advertising visibility. The client now has what they need to garner support from both corporate and the businesses for a long-term commitment to the messaging campaign.


Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
market survey, on-street interviews, employee interviews, brand identity, attitude and awareness, benchmark, perception study

Westport Transit District

Municipal entities often have multiple constituencies, oftentimes with very different needs. Westport Transit provides a network of buses for low-cost transportation to the train, as well as door-to-door service for seniors and the disabled. Budget issues and a diminishing group of riders dictated that Westport Transit learn more about the awareness and attitudes among a wide range of citizens, including riders and non-riders.

Click on the Westport Transit District Logo to see the results.

Westport Transit District Attitude and Awareness Study



Beresford Research worked collaboratively with the Westport Transit District, elected officials, town records, local business leaders and bus drivers to ensure a representative sample of residents and riders would participate. Utilizing traditional media, personalized email invitations, and postcards with QR codes providing instant access to an online survey, the Westport Transit District Survey uncovered multiple opportunities while educating their prime audience to try riding the bus to the train.

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used: market research, online survey, attitude and awareness, perception study, government


Colorado Tourism Office

The Colorado Tourism Office (“CTO”) wanted to understand who was visiting the state from other countries, why they chose to come to Colorado and their level of satisfaction with their experience in visiting Colorado. Beresford Research developed a two-phased approach and executed the project on behalf of PhoCusWright, the travel research company.

The first phase required custom tabulations of US government travel statistics for international visitors. These custom reports enabled the CTO to see which markets provided the most tourists, contributed the most to the state’s economy and the preferred seasons and activities while visiting by market.

The second phase included Web surveys in seven languages of recent past visitors to the state and interested potential visitors from the top eight international markets.



On completion of the two data gathering phases, we worked closely with PhoCusWright analysts to develop specific recommendations for the CTO to use in each market. CTO uses these findings to change their international strategies to attract the most profitable visitors to the state.

To see the report we prepared for the Colorado Tourism Office, click here.

Flexible and responsive, they extend the reach and knowledge of our research department as though they are part of our staff, allowing us to focus on issues and implications that are most meaningful to our clients.

Lorraine Sileo | Vice President, Research, PhoCusWright Inc.

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
thought leadership, multi-lingual surveys, global, attitude and awareness, travel industry

Colorado Tourism Office




The New York City Department of Transportation wanted help developing a wayfinding program. The goal: improve the pedestrian experience in New York City by encouraging more people to walk, and help people find city destinations more easily. This research was a “stake in the ground,” a benchmark against which future assessments of pedestrian wayfinding will be compared after the Wayfinding Master Plan is implemented. Beresford Research designed the NYC DOT project to provide quantitative data and qualitative information about how people navigate in different NYC neighborhoods and the choices they make to find city destinations. We conducted street interviews in multiple NYC neighborhoods in order to provide the necessary data. Timing was critical and short. In addition to developing discussion guides, survey design, and analysis, we needed to generate results in two weeks.



Beresford Research assembled a team of interviewers, including Mandarin and Cantonese speakers, created a recognizable “brand” with custom-made NYC DOT lanyards and identification, and sourced an incentive – all geared to encourage busy New Yorkers and visitors to stop and talk. And they did. The 500+ interviews were completed in six days. From initial project conversations with the client to final presentation of findings, the project ran just over a month. NYC DOT

Beresford Research was absolutely responsive to every requirement of our project. They are expert at what they do which ensured that we had the exact research we needed.

David Gibson | Principal, Two Twelve—Graphic Design

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
on-street interviews, intellectual capital, multi-lingual, government, B2C

Towers Watson

This premier global human resources and benefits consulting firm has partnered with Beresford Research for close to a decade on many projects, both qualitative (national focus groups) and quantitative (international surveys).

For their annual HR Service Delivery survey, Towers Watson needed a partner who could manage the distribution of thousands of personalized email invitations and multiple follow-up reminders; code, host and tabulate a robust survey instrument; and prepare presentation-quality PowerPoint graphics showing the results.

Beresford Research has conducted many research projects for Towers Watson, including:

Retirement Benefits focus groups (in NY, Chicago, and LA)
Telephone survey of senior HR and benefits managers
Bilingual Canadian version of the Human Resources Service Delivery survey
Survey of HR executive needs for consulting services in Korea (in Korean)
Innovation in the Workplace survey (with the Arts & Business Council of Philadelphia)
HR Outsource survey
Global remuneration survey
Employee satisfaction survey for Towers Watson/Tillinghast Consulting Insurance client
M&A Role of the Manager survey (in English, German, Chinese and Japanese) 



Additionally, Towers Watson asked us to develop a Web-based tool to capture and calculate the costs of delivering HR services at client companies while maintaining data privacy. Beresford Research created a tool that enabled Towers Watson to update cost variables and automatically update the prepared tables and charts, yielding valuable insights for Towers Watson consultants to share with their clients within two weeks of the final employee submission.findings, the project ran just over a month.

Towers Watson We partner with Beresford Research time and time again because they are creative in project design, rigorous in project execution, and always responsive to our needs.  In the end, they deliver as promised, and more.

Michael Isaac | Director, Market Research–Towers Watson

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
HR, survey-based, intellectual capital, product development, product service offering, product development


Tourism Economics and ARDA

Beresford Research and Tourism Economics (“TE”), an Oxford Economics company, developed a global study of vacation ownership and resort development (timeshare) managers for AIF, the international foundation of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). The study’s results were used to calculate the global economic impact of the industry.

ARDA provided multiple vacation ownership and resort developer lists that needed to be merged and de-duped prior to sending invitations. BR, TE and ARDA also worked closely to develop the survey instrument. The study consisted of a Web-based survey for resorts in a single country and an Excel worksheet for resorts in multiple countries. Both versions of the survey were available in eight languages and results were collected from 15 countries.



Beresford Research offers the ideal combination of expertise, client support, and flexibility that we need for our most complicated research projects.  They have successfully developed and launched various multi-lingual surveys on our behalf.  Beresford Research contributes to each phase of our work, from survey design, to sample selection, to increasing response rates, to interpreting results.

Adam Sacks | President, Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company






Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
global, multicultural, membership, thought leadership, content, survey-based, travel, market sizing


A Travel Club

A Travel Club that is the world’s largest seller of curated group travel wanted to:

Learn who their customers are and how best to segment them into meaningful groups,

Identify what potential customers seek in a travel club,

Discover the optimal pricing for current and new product offerings, and

Align marketing with corporate strategy to drive an expansion of their membership base.


Beresford Research designed the methodology for its longtime partner, the travel research company PhoCusWright, and together we proposed the winning multi-phase study.



Between October 2013, and April 2014, Beresford Research conducted a multi-phase, custom research study, including:

  • Global surveys in six countries and four languages,
  • Segmentation analysis of current members,
  • Analysis of U.S. traveler attitudes and perceptions,
  • Review of competitive travel club offerings detailing programs, features, benefits, and fees, and
  • A pricing study using conjoint analysis to determine the optimal pricing for a range of products.

By uncovering the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, we enabled the Travel Club to make fact-based strategic decisions that increased revenues and profitability.

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
market surveys, segmentation analysis, conjoint pricing analysis, travel, intellectual capital, attitude and awareness, product development

International Tour Company