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We deliver customized market research that will make your global surveys, executive interviews, and in-depth analysis easy.

Talk to us about what you need to know, what you’d like to do, and we’ll create the path to take you there. All our services deliver creative, customized solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Business Insights

Beresford Research clients often start with a puzzle that needs solving. Many clients are clear on what they want to learn but aren’t sure about how to obtain it. We frame the area of inquiry, know the right questions to ask, use the best sources, monitor results as they come in, tabulate the results with actionable groupings, and construct graphs and summaries that clearly communicate the information you need.

Our relatively small size is an asset; you can easily reach an analyst or the head of the company to obtain immediate answers at any stage of the engagement.

Whether you need to solve difficult business decisions or establish your company as a thought leader, Beresford Research‘s 25+ years of experience can guide you to the right solutions. Our consultative approach ensures you obtain the best results for the least cost.

Unlike the rest of our industry, we don’t mark up the costs of our vendors. Never have, never will. Working with a wide-range of “tried and true” sample companies and research panels we guarantee that we can reach global executives from every industry and company size at the lowest possible price.

Customized Market Research

With decades of experience conducting B2B and B2C surveys and interviews, we specialize in global surveys and senior executive interviews, and the most complex project designs. Beresford Research handles the entire customized market research process, from creating engaging methodologies, to identifying the best research sample, to fielding the survey, to unlocking business insights, statistically significant findings and providing actionable analysis that enables growth.

Our key services include:

Advantages of Engaging Beresford Research



Advantages of Engaging Beresford Research

Adherence to the budget. All our clients can testify that we deliver as promised and within budget. Rest assured, Beresford Research will not come in over budget—we haven’t once charged more than we quoted in over twenty years of research, and never will unless the scope expands dramatically.

True collaboration 

Enhance your team with collaborative research expertise born from a marketing and strategy background. Beresford Research often becomes an integral part of client project teams, fielding questions from the press, presenting findings in public forums, and even wearing client name tags.

An eye on the big picture 

Beresford Research started out as a strategic marketing consulting firm and transitioned to research as clients needed to optimize their strategic initiatives with solid custom research. Take advantage of the wealth of cross-industry experience we bring to each engagement.

Responsive service, end-to-end 

Our size makes us incredibly accessible and highly responsive. Our hands-on approach means that from telephone calls or emails to test an idea, to fielding real-time guidance, and to making modifications as opportunities arise, the project leads are involved with your study continuously from the first conversation to after the final presentation.

Smart problem solving

We excel in developing clever methodologies to solve your research puzzles efficiently.

The best sampling partners

We have established relationships with the world’s leading sampling partners so you get the most appropriate panels with the highest value.

30+ languages

Multilingual surveys with consumers or executives, in both developed and undeveloped markets, are normal fare for us. This gives you the flexibility to use the same trusted vendor in all your markets.

Great collaborators

Utilizing a network of experts carefully culled over 30 years for their skills and professionalism provides you with an unparalleled depth and diversity of knowledge with the ability to scale to your needs and the flexibility to meet tight deadlines.

Cost efficient

We have little overhead and are able to provide superior service and quality at a lower price than the larger firms.

Our testimonials tell part of that story. Our clients can tell you more. Give us a call to start the conversation at +1 203-226-6997 and ask for Kathy.

Customized Market Research

Attitude and awareness studies are the bread and butter of market research. These valuable tools enable you to measure the changing perceptions that current and prospective customers have about your and your competitors’ products and services. As customer channels evolve, we ensure your A&A studies keep pace, so that you’re always tracking the right trends.

Market surveys

Whether you are contemplating a strategic shift or new product packaging, direct feedback from existing and potential customers yields extremely powerful input into your decision-making process… We help you create survey questions, organize and implement the survey in almost any medium, and help you interpret and summarize the results.

Global, multi-lingual studies

Fielding meaningful cross-cultural studies requires more than a translated survey and reliable sample. Knowing the minutiae of local business conventions, such as when to use commas as decimals in which European countries, is critical to making your survey read as a locally-produced questionnaire. This elicits more thoughtful and considered responses.

Content and thought leadership development

Consolidate your position as a thought leader in your industry. We create studies that highlight and inform your industry or market on key issues. By capturing, understanding and publishing the latest thinking on critical business issues, you can broadcast and strengthen your organization’s leadership position.

Executive interviews

Our expert interviewers know how to pique the interest of executives. We develop thought-provoking questions on the key business topics that address your concerns. In addition to gaining critical insight from this premium qualitative research, you also receive an effective promotional tool, presented in a professional, attractive package.

Focus groups and one-on-one interviews

Learn what people are really thinking and saying, with depth and nuance. Information gleaned from speaking with your target customers or suppliers provides critical language and direction for studies. One-on-one interviews provide insights that can showcase findings with personal details, bringing life to the “numbers.”

Market trend analysis

We turn qualitative results and quantitative data into actionable reports and recommendations that uncover opportunities in changing market trends.

Market forecasting

Our deep experience, along with a global network of business contacts, means we can locate the best information sources available. We are uniquely qualified to build sophisticated forecasting models using published statistics, original survey data, official databases and other professional sources.

Segmentation and cluster analysis

Survey respondents can typically be categorized into meaningful groups, based on their responses to apparently unrelated questions. The resulting “clusters” can yield powerful customer segments that inspire new marketing strategies.

Factor analysis

Combining specific responses to related questions is a powerful analytic tool that frequently uncovers insight into customer needs, wants and aspirations.

Correlation analysis

To pull the right lever in your business strategy you need to be clear on the likely impact of any change you make. By statistically evaluating the relationships between variables, we can reveal important causal links and help guarantee success.

Pricing (conjoint) analysis

Setting the optimal price for a product or service means you’re not leaving money on the table. Conjoint analysis uses trade-off scenarios to measure the perceived value of products and services in a realistic choice-based environment. You can use conjoint analysis to forecast customer acceptance of features and price to ensure market success.

Data visualization

Using the latest data visualization tools, Beresford Research now delivers stunningly interactive charts that clients can use internally or post on their websites.