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Successful thought leadership requires fresh, relevant and compelling information. Whether generating awareness, fueling conversation or gaining recognition as an industry expert, finely-crafted thought leadership research is often the foundation on which great intellectual capital is built.

Research business decision makers to showcase your industry acumen. Beresford Research uncovers critical insights and transforms data into marketing opportunities by tapping industry influencers. We make companies look smarter by executing tightly-focused surveys and interviews to develop engaging B2B thought leadership content that engages and inspires prospects and clients.

With over twenty-five years of experience, Beresford Research knows how to garner B2B attention with original research and compelling insights. Discover custom research that opens doors, starts quality customer conversations, generates demand and tells compelling stories.

Examples of how some of our clients have used branded business insight and thought leadership marketing to:

Generate great press and new business. ShareThis released groundbreaking thought leadership that quantified the financial value of an online recommendation. Quantifying the Value of Sharing delivered nearly $2 million in revenue opportunities in the first 90 days.

Increase client engagement with provocative insights. Roubini ThoughtLab partnered with Beresford Research to provide KPMG and the Consumer Goods Foundation high impact thought leadership and interactive data visualizations.

Garner media success. Booz & Company’s top source of press citations for eight years in a row was The CEO Succession Study.

Increase sales with thought leadership. Beresford Research created a branded list of emerging leaders for the newsweekly, The Week. “The Week 2000”captured business readers’ attention and attracted the largest sponsorship in the magazine’s history with Emerging Leaders: Tomorrow’s CEOs.

Identify unmet needs. Although COPD is the third leading cause of death in the US, patients and physicians were uninformed about the disease. Some 46% of primary care physicians were unaware of any COPD guidelines prior to the release of the National Survey to Identify Unmet Medical Needs Among COPD Patients.


Beresford Research conceived and implemented the first study to apply scientific, statistical methodology to the problem of determining the economic value of a social share. The essential question we posed was:

What’s the economic value of an online recommendation, and how does that value differ by industry (CPG, automotive and personal electronics), the strength of recommendation (bad, moderate, good, excellent), and who made the recommendation (strangers, acquaintances, close friends/family members, professionals)?

In order to establish context, we also looked at online reviews, online ratings, face-to-face communications and printed reviews. Finally, we conducted the study with two separate methodologies: conjoint analysis and Likert rating scales – and the results were astoundingly close.

Fielded during late 2013 and early 2014, the results provide the framework for publishers and advertisers to make informed decisions about advertising investments and content development based on real-world consumer behavior. The study has placed a spotlight on ShareThis as a thought leader.



There’s no question consumers are actively looking online for recommendations and content to help them decide what to buy. We’ve all known that social sharing is important, but it’s been difficult to measure its impact on consumer spending — until now. For the first time, this report offers a guide for brands to determine the value of social content, and make informed decisions about where and how they need to invest to engage their customers.

Kurt Abrahamson | CEO ShareThis

Sky blue rectangle of ShareThis's Return on a Share logo; Beresford Research's groundbreaking thought leadership research

Additionally, ShareThis forged a new alliance with The Paley Center for Media to create The Return on Sharing Summit held April 30, 2014. ShareThis and the Paley Center convened a high-level group of media and marketing executives for conversations inspired by The Return on a Share: Quantifying the Monetary Value of Social Sharing, which is available for download by clicking here.

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
thought leadership, content development, conjoint analysis, regression analysis, methodology development.

Roubini ThoughtLab

Roubini ThoughtLab worked with KPMG and The Consumer Goods Forum in 2016 to analyze how game-changing technologies have revolutionized supply chains and customer touch points. Beresford Research provided a global survey of 400 c-level executives of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers to discover executives’ priorities and challenges for the next two years.

Our research showed that consumer companies will transform into omnibusinesses, in which business systems will become a seamless integration of all functions, including production, inventory, marketing, sales, payment, and distribution—with a completely customer-centric focus.

To see examples of other game-changing C-level research projects, go to our C-Suite Survey Specialists page.



Julien and his team are wonderful to work with. We’ve partnered together to create compelling thought-leadership, tapping senior executives from around the world for over twenty years. His team is extremely responsive and supportive, and they are masters at developing and interpreting multilingual market research and surveys.”

Lou Celi | Chief Executive Roubini ThoughtLab

KPMG’s Seeking Customer Centricity, The Omni Business Model is available for download by clicking here.

KPMG's Seeking Customer Centricity graphic of woman with multi-colored glasses for global survey of 400 c-level executives

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
thought leadership, c-suite surveys, c-level surveys, global surveys, multi-lingual surveys, Tableau data visualization.

Booz & Co.

Booz & Co. (renamed in 2014 as Strategy &), the global strategy and technology consulting firm, became our client in 2001. Our work for Booz & Co. has included over a dozen intellectual capital projects that helped position the firm as a thought leader in a variety of fields. The most prominent project is the annual study of succession among the CEOs of the world’s largest public companies, conducted annually from 2001 – 2009.

Booz & Co. asked Beresford Research to develop the methodology for a study of CEO succession in the world’s largest 2,500 public companies. By combining publicly available information with shareholder returns for each executive’s tenure, adjusted for regional equity performance, Beresford Research created a database of over 2,000 successions stretching back to 1995.

Each spring, when the results of the previous year’s CEO turnover events were published, Booz & Co. and its partners were featured in the business press around the globe (including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Le Monde). Throughout the intervening months, Booz & Co. was cited in multiple press stories as the source of CEO succession trends data and quoted regarding the reasons for the latest trends. Additionally, Booz & Co. developed a CEO leadership practice built, in part, on the findings of this annual landmark study.

Other projects we have completed for Booz & Company include:

An international study of senior executives about the relative importance of corporate values and the role corporate values play in formulating risk agendas, implementing risk management systems and enhancing enterprise resilience.



A global study to investigate the attitudes of chief financial officers of the world’s largest companies regarding the management of G&A functions, and to uncover whether the companies that are using new approaches are achieving better results than others.

A nationwide study to learn to what extent IT decision makers use market research firms in order to source IT strategy.

A study of the correlation between research and development spending and innovation among the world’s largest companies.


Click on any title below to view a PDF of the original publication:

Deriving Value from Corporate Values


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Colorful array of Booz Allen articles showing the highly successful intellectual capital research, including CEO Succession

The Week

The Week wanted to create a branded study that identified the top CEOs of tomorrow and learn about their attitudes and opinions on today’s important business issues. The Emerging Leaders Study first looked at the skills and functional backgrounds of more than 1,000 new CEOs taking office in S&P 500 companies in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008 – 2010. This analysis – in addition to trends drawn from previously published work – uncovered the attributes, experience, and background of today’s corporate leaders to determine who would likely become tomorrow’s CEOs.

Beresford Research helped The Week develop their Emerging Leader Study with a methodology that can be expanded and replicated annually. Our objective was to create an intellectually stimulating study that will draw new readers, generate advertising dollars and create renewable intellectual capital.



The study was conducted in two phases. Phase one created a database of new CEOs at S&P 500 companies over the last decade and focused particularly on any differences among the new CEOs since 2008. Phase two applied the attributes gleaned from a trend analysis to identify the 2,000 executives most likely to emerge as CEO candidates from a pool of over 8,000 executives. Additionally, to provide rich qualitative information to complement the Phase One findings, we interviewed 39 senior executives among the “The Week 2000 Emerging Leaders.”

The Week's Emerging Leaders custom logo for their branded b2b thought leadership

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
thought leadership, database development, and executive interviews.



The National Emphysema/COPD Association (“NECA”), a patient advocacy organization, wished to obtain funding for a comprehensive study of the unmet needs of COPD patients, their caregivers, and their physicians. Previously published patient and physician research had demonstrated ongoing confusion about the diagnosis of COPD and treatment choices. Beresford Research, therefore, designed the multi-faceted study for NECA’s partner, Novartis, to help increase awareness of the diagnosis among patients and providers.

Beresford Research wrote a detailed proposal on NECA’s behalf. Working with Innovative Health Solutions (Brookline, MA), we conducted focus groups among patients, caregivers and physicians (both pulmonologists and primary care physicians) in two US locations. The knowledge gained from these focus groups was included in the survey instruments that we developed, which were distributed in print and over the Web to all three groups.



Additional patient and caregiver printed surveys were distributed by regional Better Breather Clubs throughout the US, by a home oxygen delivery company, and at local COPD patient meetings. The focus group findings were presented at ISPOR 13th Annual International Meeting, garnering positive awareness and promotions for NECA and the major pharmaceutical company sponsor. Over 1,000 COPD patients, 500 caregivers and nearly 400 physicians responded to the surveys, providing a rich database for NECA and Novartis to exploit.

The overall study findings were released publicly in the Journal of Women’s Health, volume 21, “Gender Differences in Symptoms and Care Delivery for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.” The focus group findings are also available for review.

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
focus groups, thought leadership, content, doctors, caregivers, patients, pharmaceutical, published article, B2B, B2C

View of man walking with young child in the siloutte of lungs representing the multi-faceted COPD thought leadership research