Thought Leadership

Industry-changing Thought Leadership Research

ShareThis Groundbreaking thought leadership for ShareThis quantified the financial value of online recommendations. Quantifying the Value of Sharing delivered $2 million in revenue opportunities for our client in the first 90 days. Beresford Research conceived and implemented the first [...]

Business Transformation Thought Leadership

ESI ThoughtLab - KPMG Customer-centricity: key to survival. ESI ThoughtLab partnered with Beresford Research to uncover findings for KPMG and the Consumer Goods Foundation’s high impact thought leadership on the future of consumer packaged goods manufacturing and distribution. ESI ThoughtLab [...]

Award-winning Thought Leadership Research

The Week The Week attracted its largest sponsor in the magazine's history, and Dell won a Bronze ad award for Innovation in Media with Emerging Leaders: Tomorrow’s CEOs, based on our primary and secondary research. The Week magazine was looking [...]