Brand Research

Global Membership Research and Analysis

WorldVentures Identifying new distinct customer segments in a rapidly growing customer base enabled WorldVentures to refocus worldwide marketing efforts and attract large groups of new members. WorldVentures is one of the world’s largest vacation and entertainment direct sellers. Looking to [...]

Branding Attitude and Awareness Research

Peppercomm + Saint-Gobain A new branding campaign was quickly celebrated when attitude and awareness surveys of customers, potential customers and employees, and on-street interviews gave Peppercomm’s client clear pre-and post-perceptions feedback. Peppercomm, the strategic communications and public relations agency, [...]

Measuring Public Awareness and Support

Westport Transit District Public transportation needs have changed dramatically. Westport Transit District discovered multiple opportunities and the level of financial support residents felt the town should provide. Municipal entities usually have multiple constituencies, oftentimes with very different needs. Westport [...]

International Travel Destination Research

Colorado Tourism Office They thought they came to ski, but they were wrong! Colorado Tourism Office discovered the real reason international visitors came to the state, dramatically changed their global advertising and welcomed more global visitors year after year. [...]

Multi-lingual Interviews and Surveys

NYCDOT Understanding the NYC pedestrian experience was the first step in the NYCDOT's multi-million dollar Wayfinding Master Plan. Our neighborhood-based multi-lingual interviews and surveys provided a clear picture of how pedestrians navigated the city. The New York City Department [...]

Global Business Research Partner

Willis Towers Watson Willis Towers Watson looked to Beresford Research for assistance with both internal and published projects, as well as external client deliverables. This premier global human resources and benefits consulting firm partnered with Beresford Research for [...]

World-wide Travel and Leisure Research

Tourism Economics and ARDA Tourism Economics partners with Beresford Research to provide clients with "unparalleled experience in travel and leisure research and analysis at a global level." For ARDA, one study encompassed more than 50 timeshare resorts, 15 countries, [...]

Global and US Traveler Surveys and Analysis

A Travel Club A leading Travel Club increased membership levels and adjusted pricing based on customer segmentation, perceptions and awareness, and conjoint analysis. A Travel Club that is the world’s largest seller of curated group travel wanted to: [...]