Identifying new distinct customer segments in a rapidly growing customer base enabled WorldVentures to refocus worldwide marketing efforts and attract large groups of new members.

WorldVentures is one of the world’s largest vacation and entertainment direct sellers. Looking to continue its international growth and to minimize member turnover, WorldVentures hired Beresford Research to conduct a three-pronged research initiative. A membership survey and segmentation analysis in six countries—USA, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Singapore and South Africa—laid a foundation that was followed by a US travelers’ attitude and perception analysis of travel clubs.

A market review of competitive travel clubs, benefits, features, pricing, and recommendations comprised the third phase.

Thousands of surveys in four languages provided a detailed understanding of the WorldVentures membership base, and segmentation analysis identified four new distinct customer segments. The study also revealed rich information detailing the best ways to differentiate future offerings to maximize appeal to each of the new customer segments.

“We engaged Beresford Research to help us understand our customer segments, identifying the optimal product-price architecture, and improve our target marketing efforts. They delivered on every aspect of the project and we are extremely pleased with the new insights and actionable results.”

Yadi Schnyder, Director of Research and Analytics, WorldVentures