Tourism Economics and ARDA

Tourism Economics partners with Beresford Research to provide clients with “unparalleled experience in travel and leisure research and analysis at a global level.” For ARDA, one study encompassed more than 50 timeshare resorts, 15 countries, and eight languages for its annual report.

Beresford Research and Tourism Economics (“TE”), an Oxford Economics company, developed a global study of vacation ownership and resort development (timeshare) managers for AIF, the international foundation of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). The study’s results were used to calculate the global economic impact of the industry.

ARDA provided multiple vacation ownership and resort developer lists that needed to be merged and de-duped prior to sending invitations. BR, TE and ARDA also worked closely to develop the survey instrument. The study consisted of a Web-based survey for resorts in a single country and an Excel worksheet for resorts in multiple countries. Both versions of the survey were available in eight languages and results were collected from 15 countries.

“Beresford Research offers the ideal combination of expertise, client support, and flexibility that we need for our most complicated research projects. They have successfully developed and launched various multi-lingual surveys on our behalf. Beresford Research contributes to each phase of our work, from survey design, to sample selection, to increasing response rates, to interpreting results.”