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ReD Associates brings a different perspective to the business world. They use social science research to identify gaps between what people need and what companies offer. When they wanted to validate their recent analysis with the perspectives of C-suite executives from around the world, they turned to Beresford Research.

ReD is a strategic partner of Cognizant Digital Business, which helps their clients engage new clients by envisioning/building/developing products, experiences and disruptive new business models. ReD and Cognizant are partners in The Future of Problem-Solving research.

For the Future of Digital Consultancy, ReD set out to better understand the future of management consulting decision making. To do so, they conducted extensive research combining philosophy, sociology, and anthropology with strategy and analytics. Then, looking to substantiate and supplement their study, ReD wanted a quantitative survey from a global sample of 300 senior executives in six industries: consumer goods & retail, insurance, financial services & real estate, healthcare & life sciences, technology, and industrials & travel.

Beresford Research designed the methodology and collaboratively created the survey instrument to complement ReD’s recent qualitative findings. We provided ReD and Cognizant with access to, and insight from, each industry’s top decision makers. All respondents had been involved in the decision-making process to hire consultants within the last 14 months. One-fifth were technology executives (e.g., CIO, CTOs), and the remainder of the sample were business executives. 73% of the sample were C-level executives. The final survey was translated into French, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Beresford Research documented the insights of global C-suite executives and line-of-business owners directly involved with the largest business consulting decisions, and —importantly—familiar with the successes and failures of those decisions. The results validated ReD Associates’ proprietary insights and ensured they were broadly representative of executives across markets, industries and around the world.

In a soon-to-be-published white paper, The Future of Consulting, based on the study findings, Cognizant’s Paul Roehrig and ReD’s Millie Aurora describe ten lessons for success in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”:

  1. Everybody Hates Yesterday’s Consulting Model
  2. Digital Hysteria is Exhausting (and Paralyzing)
  3. For Evolving Companies, Speed Is Life
  4. We’ve Built A Consulting Fail Factory
  5. Data Is Still More of A Liability Than an Asset
  6. To Be More Digital, Be More Human
  7. Digital Must Drive Both Revenue AND Profit
  8. A Warning On Avoiding Digital Narcissism
  9. Seek Ambassadors From the Future
  10. The Big Fear: Customers Will Swipe Left

To read the paper when it’s available go to Cognizant Center for the Future of Work Publications.

ReD Associates
“Fast, flexible and easy to work with. Beresford Research provided us with exceptional C-Level survey development, research and analysis—ahead of schedule. We look forward to working with them in the future.”
David Kearford, Senior Manager, ReD Associates