Peppercomm + Saint-Gobain

A new branding campaign was quickly celebrated when attitude and awareness surveys of customers, potential customers and employees, and on-street interviews gave Peppercomm’s client clear pre-and post-perceptions feedback.

Peppercomm, the strategic communications and public relations agency, partnered with Beresford Research to provide perception and brand awareness benchmarks for the new messaging they were crafting for Saint-Gobain. The multi-national giant had a growing multi-billion-dollar portfolio of technical brands with very limited brand recognition in the US. Both Saint-Gobain and Peppercomm wanted measurable results to emphasize success and set the stage to sell and communicate individual brands via a unified front.

Beresford Research provided a multi-pronged brand awareness and perception study that documented the change in attitudes towards Saint-Gobain’s North American headquarters based on their new message, marketing approaches, and investment in the industry’s annual trade conference. Additionally, we gauged local residents’ perceptions of the company as a steward of the community as well as a local employer of choice both before and after the new messaging was introduced.

Pre and post brand roll-out and conference, we conducted online surveys with conference attendees and employees and in-person interviews with local residents. The findings were tremendously helpful as analysis showed strong improvements in awareness, positive impressions, and advertising visibility. The client learned what they needed to do to garner support from corporate and their myriad of businesses for a long-term commitment to the messaging campaign.

Over the next several years Peppercomm continued to partner with Beresford Research to gather additional quantitative and qualitative insights and used these insights to inform even more robust and engaging strategy; ultimately creating a unifying theme that underscored the capabilities of all the brands.

With the tagline “Designed for Longevity” Peppercomm and Saint-Gobain achieved their goal of creating a unifying theme that underscored the core capabilities of all the brands, created something that can be easily tailored for each business unit and worked well with the messaging at the corporate. And they had the data to prove it.

Oxford Economics

“When working at a mid-sized agency, it is always crucial to have partners to lean on that you can trust to get the job done. Beresford Research is the perfect partner. They never hesitate to completely embed themselves within the research project, and are always on-hand to support, brainstorm, and makes suggestions. Our team trusts their ability to reach difficult audiences, craft innovative research solutions, and be a strong presentation partner. We would not have been able to succeed across a wide array of clients, if it were not for Beresford Research.”

Nicole Moreo, Director, Research and Insights, Peppercomm