Global Management Consulting Firm

Brand study problem solved! One of the world’s most respected management consulting firms needed to measure how C-level executives working for multi-billion-dollar companies made decisions on $1mil+ consulting projects. Beresford Research succeeded where others had failed and delivered the unassailable survey and interview findings that the firm will use to capitalize on their strengths and address vulnerabilities.

A global management consulting firm needed a comprehensive brand study with C-suite executives involved with selecting and influencing consulting decisions at client and non-client companies. Theirs was a tough ask. The consulting firm’s previous attempt had failed to reach the target number of executives and responses documented their lack of decision-making responsibility, especially among non-clients.

The requirement was specific: 100% of the senior executive respondents needed to have participated in a strategic consulting purchase of $1 million, or more, and work for multi-billion-dollar companies. Over 50% of those were required to have a C-level title. 50% of all respondents needed to have purchased digital consulting services related to technology (including digital strategy and data analytics but excluding implementation) in the past two years. Also, in addition to those parameters, they needed an even split between clients and non-clients in the survey sample. Finally, no more than 15% of the sample could be alumni of the consulting firm.

Beresford Research delivered. Not only were we able to source, survey and interview the highly targeted decision makers of high-value consulting services, but we doubled the number of survey respondents and increased the non-client participation from 28% to 50%.

We developed the methodology and conducted all 150 C-Suite surveys and 45 in-depth-interviews (IDIs) to deliver a robust Brand Study with unassailable results. Our analysis identified many areas of strength, as well as forewarned vulnerabilities. Beresford Research integrated the client and non-client IDIs with survey findings to delve deeper into the reasons behind crucial perceptions and uncover highly valuable insights.