Amid an unprecedented change in the healthcare industry, EY’s Health Advisory Survey discovered an excellent opportunity for value-driven care based on Beresford Research’s survey of over 700 top healthcare executives.

EY wanted to create thought leadership and content around the fast-changing health care provider industry in the United States as it braced for a mandated transformation to a value-based payment paradigm. EY turned to their trusted PR agency, Peppercomm, which in turn tapped Beresford Research to craft and implement a survey of over 700 qualified health care professionals to uncover perspectives from the “top.” Respondents included chief medical officers, clinical quality executives and chief financial officers, with annual revenue of at least US$100 million.

The survey development process took nearly a month as Beresford Research, Peppercomm and EY’s health practice leaders worked collaboratively to craft the perfect questionnaire design. Surveys were fielded over a four-weeks beginning the end of February 2017. This study identified several prominent factors that are challenging organizations’ performance and growth, and provided the basis for: