ESI ThoughtLab-Cognizant

Exemplary thought leadership changes thinking. For over twenty years, the founder of ESI ThoughtLab has been partnering with Beresford Research to design the methodology and field the global surveys that are the basis of their clients’ celebrated thought leadership.

ESI ThoughtLab (the thought leadership arm of Econsult Solutions) relies on Beresford Research to connect with C-suite executives from around the world to create engaging, relevant and timely thought leadership. Over the past two decades, they have trusted Beresford Research to survey more than 10,000 C-level executives globally for clients that include Accenture, Cognizant, EY, KPMG, and Protiviti.

For one ESI ThoughtLab client, Cognizant, we designed and conducted multiple surveys of nearly 2,500 current (and future) members of the global business community. We included 2,000 C-level executives across 18 countries, in 6 languages and six industry segments in one survey. In companion surveys of other workforce participants, we identified workers with keen insights, including 250 mid-level executives, 150 MBA students, and 50 futurists (including journalists, academics and authors).

The result? The Work Ahead became a research series “providing insight and guidance on how business—and jobs—must evolve in an economy of algorithms, automation and AI…Winning in the digital economy will require new skills, new tools and a new set of commercial rules.”

Learn more from the Cognizant video and click to read their 21-page whitepaper “The Work Ahead, Insights to Master the Digital Economy.”

Businesses—and individuals—must now adapt to an era of artificial intelligence, bots, and algorithms. Arm yourself with new data and insights for your Work Ahead.

Thought leadership at the forefront of the future of work with market research insights.

“Julien and his team are wonderful to work with. We’ve partnered together to create compelling thought-leadership, tapping senior executives from around the world for over twenty years. His team is extremely responsive and supportive, and they are masters at developing and interpreting multilingual market research and surveys.”

Lou Celi, Chief Executive, ESI ThoughtLab