Colorado Tourism Office

They thought they came to ski, but they were wrong! Colorado Tourism Office discovered the real reason international visitors came to the state, dramatically changed their global advertising and welcomed more global visitors year after year.

The Colorado Tourism Office (“CTO”) wanted to understand who was visiting the state from other countries, why they chose to come to Colorado and their level of satisfaction with their experience in visiting Colorado. Beresford Research developed a two-phased approach and executed the project on behalf of PhoCusWright, the travel research company.

The first phase required custom tabulations of US government travel statistics for international visitors. These custom reports enabled the CTO to see which markets provided the most tourists, contributed the most to the state’s economy and the preferred seasons and activities while visiting by market.

The second phase included Web surveys in seven languages of recent past visitors to the state and interested potential visitors from the top eight international markets.

On completion of the two data gathering phases, we worked closely with PhoCusWright analysts to develop specific recommendations for the CTO to use in each market. CTO uses these findings to change their international strategies to attract the most profitable visitors to the state.

Colorado Tourism Office

“Flexible and responsive, they extend the reach and knowledge of our research department as though they are part of our staff, allowing us to focus on issues and implications that are most meaningful to our clients.”

Lorraine Sileo, Vice President, Research, PhoCusWright Inc.