Booz & Co.

Booz & Company’s top source of press citations for eight years in a row was The CEO Succession Study that Beresford Research designed and implemented.

Booz & Co. (renamed in 2014 as Strategy &), the global strategy and technology consulting firm, became our client in 2001. Our work for Booz & Co. has included over a dozen intellectual capital projects that helped position the firm as a thought leader in a variety of fields. The most prominent project is the annual study of succession among the CEOs of the world’s largest public companies, conducted annually from 2001 – 2009.

Booz & Co. asked Beresford Research to develop the methodology for a study of CEO succession in the world’s largest 2,500 public companies. By combining publicly available information with shareholder returns for each executive’s tenure, adjusted for regional equity performance, Beresford Research created a database of over 2,000 successions stretching back to 1995.

Each spring, when the results of the previous year’s CEO turnover events were published, Booz & Co. and its partners were featured in the business press around the globe (including The Wall Street JournalFinancial Times and Le Monde). Throughout the intervening months, Booz & Co. was cited in multiple press stories as the source of CEO succession trends data and quoted regarding the reasons for the latest trends. Additionally, Booz & Co. developed a CEO leadership practice built, in part, on the findings of this annual landmark study.

Other projects we have completed for Booz & Company include:

  • An international study of senior executives about the relative importance of corporate values and the role corporate values play in formulating risk agendas, implementing risk management systems and enhancing enterprise resilience.
  • A global study to investigate the attitudes of chief financial officers of the world’s largest companies regarding the management of G&A functions, and to uncover whether the companies that are using new approaches are achieving better results than others.
  • A nationwide study to learn to what extent IT decision makers use market research firms in order to source IT strategy.
  • A study of the correlation between research and development spending and innovation among the world’s largest companies.

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