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C-suite executives and other senior executives usually don’t have the time or inclination to share opinions in a survey or an interview. The secret to gaining the cooperation of global executives is really quite simple: approach them with a trusted brand and thought-provoking, timely content. If possible, teach them something useful during the survey or discussion so the dialog becomes meaningful for them. Writing questions and discussion guides that meet these high thresholds takes experts comfortable speaking to and engaging with C-suite executives.

Beresford Research partners with prominent thought-leadership brands, such as ESI Thoughtlab, Economist Intelligence Unit, IBM, Oxford Economics, Towers Watson, and SAP, to develop intellectual capital for and about the C-suite. For executive surveys, we also partner with the best interviewers to ensure that the right respondents are completing executive surveys. Only the most seasoned personnel conduct one-on-one executive interviews.

With over 25 years of experience, Beresford Research works with most industries and provides clients with research that starts conversations.

Build on the interest that is generated when industry leaders and top executives share their thoughts:

C-Suite thought leadership.

ESI Thoughtlab, previously known as Roubini ThoughtLab, partners with Beresford Research to design the methodology and field the global surveys that become their clients’ valued thought leadership.

Improved C-level offerings.

CEO interviews across North America and Europe provided IBM insight into the competitive “red-carpet” conference market.

Global trends.

Known for forecasting and research, Oxford Economics turns to Beresford Research to implement worldwide input.

Insight that informs strategy.

Booz & Co.’s national and international studies provide access to C-level opinions on issues ranging from risk to reward.

Roubini ThoughtLab is now ESI Thoughtlab

Great thought leadership changes thinking.

ESI ThoughtLab relies on Beresford Research to connect with C-suite executives from around the world to create engaging, relevant and timely thought leadership. For one Roubini ThoughtLab client, Cognizant, we designed and conducted a survey of 2,000 C-level executives across 18 countries, in 6 languages and 6 industry segments, as well as another survey of other workforce participants with keen insights, including 250 mid-level executives, 150 MBA students, and 50 futurists and experts, including journalists, academics and authors. Learn more from the video and click to read “The Work Ahead, Insights to Master the Digital Economy.”

Blue-green lettering on black, shows Cognizant's The Work Ahead, a global thought leadership study that changed thinking

Businesses—and individuals—must now adapt to an era of artificial intelligence, bots, and algorithms. Arm yourself with new data and insights for your Work Ahead.



Julien and his team are wonderful to work with. We’ve partnered together to create compelling thought-leadership, tapping senior executives from around the world for over twenty years. His team is extremely responsive and supportive, and they are masters at developing and interpreting multilingual market research and surveys.

Lou Celi | Chief Executive
ESI ThoughtLab

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
C-suite surveys, executive surveys, executive interviews, multi-lingual surveys, complex survey design, thought leadership



IBM wished to understand the decision-making process of C-level executives when invited to attend “red carpet” conferences they sponsored.

GPJ hired Beresford Research and we partnered with Stingray Research in the UK to conduct a series of interviews with CEO and other C-level executives across North America and Europe. Our goal was to understand the key issues for these executives relative to which conferences they choose to attend. These interviews were followed by printed and Web-based surveys sent to several thousand C-level executives in a half dozen languages.



Using advanced statistical techniques, we analyzed the survey data and developed specific recommendations to improve IBM’s international executive conference offerings.

IBM logo with horizontal lines representing CEO and other C-level interviews conducted for this international survey

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
C-suite surveys, executive interviews, global surveys, intellectual capital

Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics is one of the world’s leading forecasting and research consultancies. As part of its thought leadership practice, Oxford Economics teams with Beresford Research to field global executive studies with CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CHROs, SCOs and other targeted samples for major professional services clients and trade associations. These executive surveys are typically fielded in multiple languages and utilize multiple sample suppliers to ensure that quotas for company size and job responsibilities are met with qualified executive respondents.



See published research of how one client, SAP, leveraged our findings on the globalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, by clicking here.

Beresford Research skills/capabilities used:
C-suite, C-level, multi-lingual, global, survey-based, intellectual capital, thought leadership

People around table & European money. Oxford Economics' global executive studies are part of a thought leadership practice



Booz & Co.

Booz & Co. (renamed in 2014 as Strategy &), the global strategy and technology consulting firm, became our client in 2001. Our work for Booz & Co. has included over a dozen intellectual capital projects that helped position the firm as a thought leader in a variety of fields. The most prominent project is the annual study of succession among the CEOs of the world’s largest public companies, conducted annually from 2001 – 2009.

Booz & Co. asked Beresford Research to develop the methodology for a study of CEO succession in the world’s largest 2,500 public companies. By combining publicly available information with shareholder returns for each executive’s tenure, adjusted for regional equity performance, Beresford Research created a database of over 2,000 successions stretching back to 1995.

Each spring, when the results of the previous year’s CEO turnover events were published, Booz & Co. and its partners were featured in the business press around the globe (including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Le Monde). Throughout the intervening months, Booz & Co. was cited in multiple press stories as the source of CEO succession trends data and quoted regarding the reasons for the latest trends. Additionally, Booz & Co. developed a CEO leadership practice built, in part, on the findings of this annual landmark study.

Other projects we have completed for Booz & Company include:

An international study of senior executives about the relative importance of corporate values and the role corporate values play in formulating risk agendas, implementing risk management systems and enhancing enterprise resilience.



A global study to investigate the attitudes of chief financial officers of the world’s largest companies regarding the management of G&A functions, and to uncover whether the companies that are using new approaches are achieving better results than others.

A nationwide study to learn to what extent IT decision makers use market research firms in order to source IT strategy.

A study of the correlation between research and development spending and innovation among the world’s largest companies.

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Deriving Value from Corporate Values

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Deliver or Depart

The Perils of “Good” Governance

The World’s Most Prominent Temp Workers

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Booz & Co CEO Succession Study publications spread out. Annual study among CEOs of the world’s largest public companies