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When working at a mid-sized agency, it is always crucial to have partners to lean on that you can trust to get the job done. Beresford Research is the perfect partner. They never hesitate to completely embed themselves within the research project, and are always on-hand to support, brainstorm, and makes suggestions. Our team trusts their ability to reach difficult audiences, craft innovative research solutions, and be a strong presentation partner. We would not have been able to succeed across a wide array of clients, if it were not for Beresford Research.

Nicole Moreo, Director, Research and Insights, Peppercomm
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Julien and his team are wonderful to work with. We’ve partnered together to create compelling thought-leadership, tapping senior executives from around the world for over twenty years. His team is extremely responsive and supportive, and they are masters at developing and interpreting multilingual market research and surveys.

Lou Celi, Chief Executive, ESI ThoughtLab
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Flexible and responsive, they extend the reach and knowledge of our research department as though they are part of our staff, allowing us to focus on issues and implications that are most meaningful to our clients.

Lorraine Sileo, Vice President, Research, PhoCusWright, Inc.
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Beresford Research offers the ideal combination of expertise, client support, and flexibility that we need for our most complicated research projects. They have successfully developed and launched various multi-lingual surveys on our behalf. Beresford Research contributes to each phase of our work, from survey design, to sample selection, to increasing response rates, to interpreting results.

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Fast, flexible and easy to work with. Beresford Research provided us with exceptional C-Level survey development, research and analysis—ahead of schedule. We look forward to working with them in the future.

David Kearford, Senior Manager , ReD Associates
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We partner with Beresford Research time and time again because they are creative in project design, rigorous in project execution, and always responsive to our needs. In the end, they deliver as promised, and more.

Michael Isaac, Director, Market & Client Insights, Willis Towers Watson
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The team at Beresford Research helped us, at ShareThis, with the seemingly audacious task of quantifying the value of a share. Julien quickly grasped the opportunity and developed a unique approach to completing the task. The methodology employed strengthened the credibility of The Return on a Share Study, the first research to quantify the monetary value of social sharing. The study served as the foundation of an integrated marketing effort that delivered more than $2M in revenue opportunities in the first 90 days following its release. We could not have achieved this success without our partnership with Beresford Research.

Matt Wolfrom, Vice President, Corporate Communications, ShareThis
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It’s rare to find a research organization that is strategic, nimble, efficient and friendly—and Beresford Research is all that combined. We’ve been fortunate to partner with them to expand measurement for several of our agency clients, and their findings have always sparked new insights.

Ben Kunz, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Mediassociate

We engaged Beresford Research to help us understand our customer segments, identifying the optimal product-price architecture, and improve our target marketing efforts. They delivered on every aspect of the project and we are extremely pleased with the new insights and actionable results.

Yadi Schnyder, Director of Research and Analytics, WorldVentures
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Beresford Research was a great partner to us, guiding our team during the development of our survey instrument and making sure we reached our target demographic. Julien and team were always very responsive to our requests and provided expert analysis during the development of our report.

Chandni Ohri, Director, Financial Health Network
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Beresford Research was absolutely responsive to every requirement of our project. They are expert at what they do which ensured that we had the exact research we needed. We gave them a specialized research assignment related to urban wayfinding. They immediately grasped what we needed and we had great dialogue. They completed a fast-track project that involved locations all over New York City on time and in budget. It was a delight working with Beresford Research and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again when the opportunity arises.

David Gibson, Principal, Two Twelve—Public Information Design
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Beresford Research is a great partner to get at complicated issues. Their multi-language, multinational research facilitated change and created an important opportunity for a large international client. The results of Beresford Research’s survey brought unassailable credibility to our efforts. Working with Beresford Research is a gratifying experience.

Larry Ackerman, President, Identity Circle

Thanks to Beresford Research we have the statistics to support our recommendations to the FAA Safety team (FAASTeam). We are getting closer to achieving our mission: to help the FAASTeam reduce the country’s General Aviation accident and incident rate. Beresford Research did a terrific job of building consensus among a wide-range of stakeholders in order to create a large-scale attitude and awareness study and provide us with the all-important analysis we needed to move ahead. Their insight and commitment made this project a success.

Paul Burger, Executive Director, Advocates for Aviation Safety Foundation, Inc.
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Beresford Research’s professionalism, research methodology and analytical capabilities are outstanding. Beresford Research’s most impressive capability is their flexibility and creativity.  Some of the projects we’ve worked on together have required an abrupt refocus due to a client’s changing requirements.  In each case, Beresford Research has been highly collaborative in developing creative solutions to these challenges resulting in superior results and satisfied Travel Tech Consulting clients.

Norm Rose, President, Travel Tech Consulting
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When the CT Commuter Rail Council was wrestling with a disconnect between official service quality statistics and what we were hearing from riders, we turned to Beresford Research to find out what commuters were really thinking. They quickly designed and launched a wide-ranging survey that identified several key weaknesses, and this allowed the Council to suggest important changes to on-going operations. Without this data we would have been stuck with anecdotal evidence, which is no way to run a railroad. Beresford Research is a great partner.

John Hartwell, Vice Chairman, Connecticut Commuter Rail Council
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GrayWolf Consulting was looking to partner with a research firm in order to put together an effective HR process and tool to assess senior leaders and managers. Beresford Research not only guided us through best practices, they developed a 360 tool for us that could be customized for different client competencies and enhanced our organizational effectiveness offerings. We were thoroughly impressed with their approach, implementation, professionalism, and speed to complete the first project. We continue to use their services without hesitation today.

C.A. Graziano, President, GrayWolf Consulting
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Julien brings keen insight, forward thinking, and a strategic long-term vision to any research project that he is involved in. I was delighted to have his myriad skills and knowledge on several engagements. His rich understanding of sophisticated market research techniques and sampling, and out-of-the box thinking in terms of how to get the job done, proved very helpful in winning several client bids. It is my pleasure to recommend Julien, who can be a strong asset to any business leader who may engage him.

Bill McNee, Founder and CEO, Saugatuck Technology

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