Primary Market Research

Custom market research plus strategic thinking equals competitive advantage.

We thrive at the intersection of C-level surveys, brand research and thought leadership. With decades of B2B and B2C marketing and strategic consulting experience, Beresford Research excels at engaging the hardest-to-reach audiences, specializing in:

  • C-Level Executives
  • High-Net-Worth Individuals
  • Finance Professionals
  • HR Executives
  • IT/IS Decision Makers
  • Mid to Upper-Level Management, including VPs and Department Heads
  • Employees (Internal Stakeholders & Shareholders & Board of Advisors)
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Legal Professionals
  • Policymakers
  • Diplomats

Of course, we can reach easier audiences, too! Our clients gain insight, create compelling content, discover brand opportunities, and position themselves as thought leaders.

And while numbers are important, it’s understanding what’s behind the numbers that makes all the difference. We ensure that our studies produce the insights needed to strategically place our clients at the forefront of their industries. With great research, companies become smarter.

In a time when merely being able to access information has never been easier, Beresford Research provides useful business research with real impact.

C-Level & Executive Surveys
Gain the competitive edge that only insights from industry leaders can provide.

C-Level & Executive Surveys

We answer our clients’ most pressing questions. We provide the opinions, perceptions and critical thinking of highly-experienced, influential executives from around the world. Collecting candid insights during collegial conversations with senior executives and gathering the data to support those insights is what we do best. Our access to the expert opinions of top-level executives guide critical business decisions, revamps a brand’s image, and creates C-level door-opening content. Using survey and interview methodologies that are a perfect blend of anonymous and highly personalized, Beresford Research provides content and context that are not available anywhere else.

Business insights from top C-level executives will allow you to:

  • Anticipate market changes
  • Recognize emerging threats

  • Benchmark best practices

  • Uncover opportunities

Brand Research
Sell more. Seize the opportunities that only your competitor’s buyers can reveal.

Brand Research

We provide effective brand research that gives our clients a window into their future customers and increases market share. The only way to learn where your products and services stand in the competitive marketplace, and the trends that most affect them, is by using an independent experienced market research firm that knows how to ask the right questions of the right people. Discover what you need to do to win them over. Agile and creative, Beresford Research provides trustworthy insights backed by the numbers to prove it.

Beresford’s brand research will tell you:

  • What customers, prospects, and stakeholders really think of you

  • How they see you vs your competition

  • Why great prospects choose to buy from others instead of you

  • Where your prospects expect their biggest challenges to come from

Brand Research
Build a following with truly unique content that your audiences actually crave.

Thought Leadership

We provide the foundation for original, provocative and opinion-altering published pieces that make our clients’ brands stand out. Our comprehensive primary research is expertly tailored to uncover the insights and issues strategically central to your business. Decades of experience conducting research in a wide range of industries ensures access to the right people, with the right questions to produce findings with real impact.  Beresford Research specializes in complex environments and hard-to-reach audiences. The result? Outstanding thought leadership pieces, interesting bite-sized content, and engaging evergreen opportunities that drive demand.

Create dynamic thought leadership to:

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • Build trust and credibility

  • Engage your audiences to think and act

  • Explore new markets

Beresford Research handles the entire customized market research process

  • Create engaging methodologies

  • Identify the most reliable research sample

  • Design and field interesting surveys

  • Unlock business insights with statistically significant findings

  • Provide actionable analysis with supporting data visualizations that guide growth

Our core services

Brand attitude, awareness and usage studies
Market surveys
Global, multi-lingual studies
Content and thought leadership research
Senior executive interviews
Media measurement studies
Focus groups and one-on-one interviews
Telephone interviewing and targeted recruitment
Market trend analysis
Market forecasting
Segmentation analysis
Factor analysis
Cluster analysis
Pricing (conjoint) analysis
Data visualization

Uncover market opportunities and become a thought leader.