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Beresford Research designs and delivers strategically targeted B2B and B2C surveys and interviews. Together we help you learn what business leaders, influencers, and buyers really think by gathering precise quantitative and qualitative research and the keen business insight necessary to put your company ahead. With global markets in a constant state of flux, Beresford Research is the agile partner who will help you thrive. Plus, our expertise extends beyond just gathering data; we excel in transforming insights into actionable strategies through compelling data visualizations.

Inspiring business outreach and door-opening thought-leadership that

Generates new business

Based on Beresford’s research, ShareThis‘ groundbreaking thought leadership, Quantifying the Value of Sharing, delivered nearly $2 million in revenue opportunities for them in the first 90 days.

Garners media success

Booz & Company’s top source of press citations for eight years in a row was The CEO Succession Study. We developed the methodology and conducted the study among the world’s largest 2,500 public companies.

Boosts sales

The Week attracted its largest sponsor in the magazine’s history, and Dell won a Bronze ad award for Innovation in Media with Emerging Leaders: Tomorrow’s CEOs, based on our research.

Identifies unmet needs

Beresford Research surveyed 700+ CXOs for EY’s Healthcare Advisory Services during sweeping industry change, discovering new business opportunities and fueling inspired thought leadership.

A sampling of our current original research projects

Generative AI in Marketing with 600 surveys of B2C Managers & Directors in the UK, Germany, & US

Brand Positioning and Thought Leadership Research with survey of 500 C-level executives and in-depth interviews in US, UK & Australia

Value of Strategic Planning with survey of 400 Forbes Global 2000 and interviews with 25 top decision-makers

Global Brand Survey with 4,335 senior executives in 12 countries and five languages

Some of the companies we’ve helped grow

“We partner with Beresford Research time and time again because they are creative in project design, rigorous in project execution, and always responsive to our needs. In the end, they deliver as promised, and more.”

Michael Isaac, Director, Market & Client Insights, Willis Towers Watson

Research by the numbers

updated January 2024

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Our global reach includes every major business center, worldwide

Strategic business research uncovers international opportunities. Beresford Research leads companies to increased global sales and heightened brand awareness with insights from international business leaders. Primary research, including multi-lingual recruitment and surveys, is key to thriving in our dynamically changing global economy.

Beresford Research Global Reach

Uncover market opportunities and become a thought leader.

Beresford Research highly respects the need for privacy and confidentiality for both our clients and respondents. From the moment we are contacted, we act as if we are under a nondisclosure. We are GDPR compliant since we and our suppliers only disclose personally identifiable information of research participants when given express permission to do so.