Survey senior executives. Uncover market                   opportunities. Become a thought leader.


As a full-service market research firm with decades of marketing and strategic consulting experience, Beresford Research excels at engaging the hardest-to-reach audiences. We specialize in surveying senior executives and business leaders. Of course, we can reach everyone else, too. Our clients routinely gain insight, create compelling content, discover brand opportunities,  and position themselves as thought leaders. We shape client objectives into well-crafted custom research that places our clients at the forefront of their industries.

Above all, Beresford Research engages respondents, clients, and readers with compelling questions and analysis. Being successful surveying senior executives is both a craft and a science. And it’s a capability that we’ve been honing since 1991.

We custom design market research methodology and conduct proprietary quantitative and qualitative studies that 

uncover opportunities—turning data into answers—while acting as an extension of client teams. You probably haven’t heard of us because the majority of our work is proprietary, but you’re undoubtedly familiar with many of the companies we’ve helped grow.

While our global multi-lingual c-suite surveys and senior executive interviews are at the pinnacle of the services we provide, we’re great at delivering other market research and analysis. Beresford Research can help your company look smarter by arming you with the data needed to surge ahead.

Look smart. Let us help you obtain meaningful results and give you the opportunity to better establish your brand as a thought leader while you generate PR, marketing, and business development assets. Click to learn about how we do it. Or even better, write or call us to discuss your challenging business issue                               1 (203) 226-6997. Consults and price quotes are always free!

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